Big Willie B

Big Willie B is an emerging hip hop artist based out of Jackson, TN.

His music is a reflection of his life; the joy of people’s faith in him and the pain of losing those closest to him. He found his stride musically after connecting with Stinger Boy, who recognized his talent and created the space for him to shine.

Unlike many of the cliche hip hop storylines, Willie B’s music shines through with autobiographical lyrics that reflect his real life and resonate on a universal level. His sense of purpose, and focus on family and friends, are prevalent throughout his rhymes, while still inclusive of some of the darker realities that he’s faced being born and raised in Jackson.

After losing his step mother and one of his closest friends suddenly, Willie B recognized the importance of living life to the fullest and living in purpose on purpose. That pain fueled his fire to succeed and gave him the inspiration to take the leap of faith towards his dream as an artist. The rest is history in the making. Stay tuned for debut album of Big Willie B, set for release in 2023.