Stinger Boy Entertainment Inc.

Meet the Family

STINGER BOY ENTERTAINMENT INC strives to develop fully equipped artists that have original styles & unique sounds. SBE only works with artists who posses drive, vision, and the gift to touch hearts & entertain.

Get familiar with the current members of STINGER BOY ENTERTAINMENT INC:


Falyn brings her own unique sound- a nostalgic blend of modern pop, 90s R&B, and the bittersweet three-part harmonies of 60s soul.


With an eclectic catalog that ranges from pop to hip hop to R&B, Kfhox’s music is a reflection of her evolution as an artist and human being.

Big Willie B

Big Willie B’s music is a reflection of his life; the joy of people’s faith in him and the pain of losing those closest to him.

Ace Lex

An old soul with street smarts, Ace Lex brings a dichotomy to her music rarely heard from other artists emerging from her generation.