Kfhox, a singer, rapper, and songwriter, now based in Nashville by way of NYC, is well into her 10th year as an indie artist. With an eclectic catalog that ranges from pop to hip hop to R&B, her music is a reflection of her evolution as an artist and human being.

Kfhox entered 2021 with a whole new look, new vibe, and a new sound, which she’s been diligently crafting over the last 3 years since moving to Tennessee and working with super producer, Darin “D-Roc” James of Stinger Boy Entertainment. In February of 2020, Kfhox dropped her 3rd full length album, “Love 360°,” just before the start of the pandemic. Having an opportunity to play one full band concert before all live music venues essentially shut down, Kfhox and D-Roc took to the studio to continue creating more music during the last year.

Locked and loaded with an arsenal of new music, Kfhox is priming her fans for a complete overhaul, which displays hip hop prowess and a whole new look and vibe that’s more aligned with the new music that will be dropping soon. For all the latest on kfhox, visit her website